2021 2021 Mizuma + Kips (LES, NY)
2017 Anthony Philip Fine Art (Bushwick, NY)
2005 Boreas Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
1997 Tribes Gallery (NY, NY)
1995 Kentler International Drawing Space (Red Hook, NY)
1993 Jamaica Arts Center (Jamaica, NY)


2024   “The Fiber Show” Cathedral Art Gallery (Omaha, NE)

2024    “The Artists of 56 Bogart: Tradition Holders and Storytellers" Amos Eno Gallery

             (Bushwick, NY)

2021 “SPRING/BREAK art fair” with Spantzo Gallery (NYC)
2021 “Destroy All Monsters”" Spantzo Gallery (LES,NY)
2020 “Passing Bittersweet” Lafayette College (Easton,Pa)
2016 “Child's Play” Odetta Gallery (Bushwick, NY)
2016  TSA Gallery (Bushwick, NY)
2015 “Thrice Legendary, or Forever Thens” Centotto Gallery (Bushwick, NY)
2014 “Back in Situ, or Turns” Centotto Gallery (Bushwick, NY)
2014 “Desert Island” The Sculpture Center (Long Island City, NY)
2014  Life On Mars Gallery (Bushwick, NY)
2014 “Legend Anew” Centotto Gallery (Bushwick, NY)
2013  Valentine Gallery (Ridgewood, NY)
2013 “Beasts and Bodies” Schema Projects (Bushwick, NY)
2013 “Sideshow Nation” Sideshow Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
2012 “Intimate Planet” Bogart Salon (Bushwick, NY)
2012 “Mic:Check(occupy)” Sideshow Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
2011 “Hacia Afuera” Art for Change Gallery (East Harlem, NY)
2011 “It's All Good: Apocalypse Now” Sideshow Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
2010 “Miniatures” Art101 Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
2010 “It's a Wonderful 10th” Sideshow Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
2009 “Exquisite Corpse” Newark University (Newark, NJ )
2007  Sarah Bowen Gallery (Williamsburg,NY)
2006 “Break the Mold” Ernest Rubinstein Gallery (NY, NY)
2006  Newark Between Us (Newark, NJ)
2004  Tastes Like Chicken Art Space (Williamsburg, NY)
2004 “Quilts for Art Sake” Gallery 214 Artspace (Montclair, NJ)
2004 “Solstice” Boreas Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
2003 “Flat Files” Pierogi Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
2001 “21st Suffragettes” Sideshow Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
2000  Riester-Greenberg Gallery (New Preston, CT)
2000 “Local Papers” Williamsburg Art and Historical Center (Williamsburg, NY)
1999  N3 Project Space (Williamsburg, NY)
1998  Holland Tunnel Gallery (Williamsburg, NY)
1996 “Three Rivers Festival” sponsored by Carnegie Museum of Art
  Dan Cameron, curator (Pittsburgh, PA)
1994 “Contemporary American Artists” Windows Gallery (Birobidjan, Russia)
1994 “Artychoke” curated by Kenny Schachter (NY, NY)
1993 “Monumental Propaganda” instigated by Komar and Melamid
  Traveling exhibit: (NY, NY; U.S.A.: Canada and Russia)


1999  Full Fellowship from Vermont Studio Center
1997  Artist Grant from the Puffin Foundation
1990  Artist Grant from Artists Space


2016  Zoma Contemporary Art Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


 J.D., University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)


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Private collections: New York, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, and Hamburg, Germany.